BAIR Climate Initiative Group Meeting

The Berkeley AI Research Climate Initiative meets every two weeks to discuss research/applications of AI to climate change. The central goal of this group is to learn about real-world, impactful ways that machine learning can be used to address climate change.

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Upcoming Meetings

We meet every two weeks on Tuesday at 5pm PST at 8013 (8th floor) of Berkeley Way West. Remote support at

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Previous speakers (2023)

Date Title Speaker
February 28, 2023
(5 PM PST)
Discharge Estimation in Western US Toby Petty, Zixi Wang, Yao Chen, Kevin Xuan, Anand Eyunni / Discharge Estimation in Western US


Here's is a small, but powerful, collection of quality meta-resources for AI + Climate Change:

  • Google drive collection of papers on AI + climate change provided by Ankur Mahesh.
  • Climate Change AI - a great monthly newsletter, twitter account, and fortnightly happy hours.
  • Weather and Climate Datasets - a growing collection of datasets relevant for AI + Climate Change research.


Do I need to be at UC Berkeley to join?
Nope. But our invited presenters, discussions, and collaboration opportunities will likely focus on UC Berkeley.
Can I present?
Yes! Contact Ritwik Gupta (ritwikgupta at berkeley dot edu) with your proposed presentation topic.
Who organizes this group?
Ritwik Gupta and Medhini Narasimhan.