The Berkeley AI Research Climate Initiative
Bridging Core AI Research and Climate Related Fields

Our Mission

As a community of scientists, we aim to create better data, methods, and models that enable us as a society to better take care of our planet and the limited resources on it. However, machine learning is increasingly disconnected from large scale societal issues. We aim to build a bridge to the largest problem facing us today — climate change.

The BAIR Climate Initiative unites AI and climate-related researchers to solve difficult scientific problems that necessitate bridging our communities.

BCI collaborations follow an iterative process:

  • Ideate: Form a diverse group of domain experts
  • Connect: Experts ground how improvements on the benchmark translate into impact on real world problems.
  • Progress: Collaborators research, share, and publish advances on the established benchmarks.
  • Revisit: Establish criteria and schedule to update and assess benchmarks.